Buying Used C-Arms or Selling Used C-Arms

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Below you will find a comprehensive step-by-step process that Pacific Healthcare Imaging using when converting a used C-arm into a refurbished C-arm. Whether you are buying used C-arms or selling used C-arms it is important to know the process by which each company follows while remanufacturing their imaging equipment.

Step 1: Used C-Arm is Dismantled and Disinfected

During this process the entire C-Arm system is dismantled and thoroughly disinfected. Disinfection of the C-arm ensures that all biohazards, along with accumulated dust and debris, are thoroughly removed. Along with step includes removal of all previous patient data and images in order to abide by the guidelines established through The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Step 2: Used C-Arm Cosmetic Recovery

All dents and scratches are removed and/or filled and smoothed prepping the C-Arm unit and components for paint. Once completely repainted with OEM Colors the C-arm receives new decals and logos.

Step 3: Used C-Arm System Inspection

Our Biomed Tech Team Inspects each of the following and replaces damaged or malfunctioning items with new items; items that are adjusted rather than replace are noted:

  • Wig Wag, Brake and Detent Pin
  • Flip Flop, Brake and Detent Pin
  • Drag Chain, C-Arm Cradle Bearings and Brakes, Monitor Cart Wheel Locks, ACPower Cable, Interconnect Cable and Connection, Extension Arm Movement, External Video, Gen-Lock Calibration, Steering Mechanics, Interconnector Cable, Time of Day Battery, Battery Pack Efficiency.
  • Monitor Cart Air Filters (cleaned or replaced), Camera Drive Chain (adjust if needed), Camera Right Angle Optics (adjust if needed), Image Sizing & Centering (adjust if needed), Camera Shading Uniformity (adjust if needed), Camera Video Levels (adjust if needed), Camera Window Sizing (adjust if needed), Camera Electrostatic Focus (adjust if needed), Camera Focus & Peaking (adjust if needed), Camera Auto Gain (adjust if needed), Monitor Cart Power Supply Voltages (adjust if needed), Mainframe Power Supply Voltages (adjust if needed), Measure Ground Continuity (adjust if needed).

Step 4: Full Used C-Arm System Test

Following Inspection of the used C-Arm in Step 3, our Techs then proceed to perform the following Tests:

  • Power On Self, Fast Stop, Mainframe functionality, Footswitch Functionality, Handswitch Functionality, Monitor Cart Functionality, IR Remote Functionality, Accessory Functionality, Film Cassette Sensing Circuit, Entrance Exposure Calibration, Image Resolution, Video Level Control and Auto Technique, Field Solenoid Position Sense, Perform Radiographic Beam Alignment, Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment, Panel Diagnostic (using Status Mode), Monitor Cart Diagnostic, X-Ray Calibration, and Multiple Flipper Position Test.
When all of the above steps are completed over 60 hours of tech-time labor plus replacement part go into the remanufacturing of each used C-Arm by Pacific Healthcare Imaging. If you have any questions about our process or you would like any information about any of our used and refurbished C-Arms, please contact us or give us a call at 877-283-3154