Protective Screen C-Arm

Q. Should I use a protective screen, as I am not used to it and I find it a hindrance in my work while using a used c-arm?

A. Yes. A protective screen is a very effective means of radiation protection while using a used c-arm. It can attenuate the scattered radiation used in c-arm settings by more than 90%. The benefits regarding personal eye protection (e.g. to the eyes) is much more than the small inconvenience at the initial stage while using a used c-arm. Most interventionists now find it acceptable to use the screen keeping in mind the associated benefits. Cooperation with the OEM of such c-arms may improve the usability of protective devices by tailoring them to the needs of practitioners. If you are using a c-arm from OEC to Philips and have a question please give us a call. 877-283-3154