OEC vs Philips C-arms

Both OEC and Philips are excellent c-arms. However, OEC C-Arms dominate the market by a staggering 70%. For the past 25 years, OEC has been the gold standard when it comes to c-arms. Why is that you ask? OEC became extremely popular the same reason why BMW sells more cars than Mercedes…and I don’t know either. Most facilities buy OEC C-Arms, either because other facilities own an OEC C-Arm or the doctor is more familiar with OEC C-Arm.


Because there are a lot more OEC C-Arms than any other c-arm in the market, parts and service are lot easier to obtain. There a large amount of qualified service engineers that have the capabilities to repair the OEC C-Arms, which make the price much more affordable. Philips C-Arms require proprietary software to service and repair certain aspects of the C-Arm, and it’s only available from Philips . That makes their service and repair a lot more pricey than an OEC C-Arm.

User Friendly?

The bottom line…OEC and the Philips C-Arms both operate great and provide quality images and applications for your surgical needs. No Matter which c-arm you decide, you’ll be happy with either make.


Basically, the number one reason in choosing a GE OEC or Philips C-Arm is a “price against functionality and age” decision. Because the Philips Pulsera C-Arm has a much lower price tag, you can purchase a much newer c-arm with newer features (USB Ports, etc) for much less money than the equivalently priced OEC C-Arm.