The c-arm that we sell more of than other used c-arm is the OEC 9800. However, there are a lot of start up companies that need a used c-arm but do not have the capital to purchase a used OEC 9800 c-arm. Will we always recommend the OEC 9600 c-arm. This c-arm is the older version of the OEC 9800 c-arm. However, the OEC 9600 c-arm is still an absolute work horse and we sell quite a few of these c-arms a month. Our sales representatives consistently ask software questions about the OEC 9600 c-arm. Hopefully this will help.

  • GSP– General surgery package, digital spot, pulsed fluoro, averaging, edge enhancement
  • ESP– Extended surgery package, GSP features plus more image storage, digital zoom and roam
  • Vascular 4– ESP features plus DSA, roadmapping, 4 frame per second cine
  • Vascular 8– Vascular features plus DSA, roadmapping, 8 frame per second cine
  • Vascular 15– Vascular features plus 15 frame per second cine
  • NeuroVascular– Vascular features 30 frame per second cine
  • Cardiac– Vascular features plus 30 frame per second cine

There are a lot of different options with the OEC 9600 c-arm. If you have any questions about a used c-arm please call us at 619-810-0020.