Used C-arms | OEC 9800 C-arm

When you first look to compare the two used c-arms, you will notice the steering is different. The OEC 9600 c-arms were first produced in 1994 to 1996. Those were produced with straight steering, which makes it a little tricky to maneuver the c-arm. After October 1996 or later, the OEC 9600 c-arms have the new style steering. The OEC 9800 c-arms were manufactured from 1999-2006.

Another difference is the OEC 9800 C-arm has a touch screen monitor, so it’s easy to navigate through patient information. The OEC 9600 C-arm doesn’t have a touch screen, so you have to use a keyboard to input all information. The OEC 9800s have the capability to have native DICOM on the system by way of an onboard Ethernet board. The OEC 9600 C-arm will require a DICOM Box or a Medicapture Device, and has a 7.5KW high frequency generator. However, the 9800 has a bit more power with a 15KW high frequency generator. This can really help when you have larger patients.

Let’s take a peek at image quality. The 9600 is 512 X 512, compared to 1K X 1K with the 9800. This is a big difference between the two machines. The OEC 9800 C-arm will give you a much better image than its little brother, the OEC 9600 C-arm. The difference in hardware between the two c-arms are as plain as day. They both come with a 9-inch or 12-inch tri-mode image intensifier. Both of the C-arm models come with a 9-inch Super C option. Only the OEC 9800 has a Motor Driven (MD) option, which gives you the capability to electronically control the movements of the C-arm frame. This can really come in handy if there isn’t a nurse in the room with you.

Let’s talk about software. The 9600 has Surgery Package (SP), General Surgical Package (GSP), Expanded Surgical Package (ESP), Vascular with 4/8/15 Frames per Second, Neurovascular and Cardiac with 30 frames per second. The 9800 has General Surgical Package (GSP), Expanded Surgical Package (ESP), Vascular with 8/15/30 FPS, Neurovascular and Cardiac.

It can be tough to decide on which machine you should purchase. In my opinion, if you are starting up your own pain management facility specializing in epidural injections, I would recommend going with the OEC 9600 C-arm. You will be saving a huge chunk of money for a machine that is not too different from the OEC 9800 C-arm.

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