C-Arm Purchasing Tips

Is your surgery center shopping for a piece of x-ray equipment in the future? The used C-arm, not too difficult to figure out how they originated the name, is an imaging intensifier that turns x-ray into visible light, giving the viewer a clearer, easier-to-read image. If you are opening up a pain management facility here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself when buying a used c-arm.

1) How big should my c-arm be? If your practice is in an area where is will be a lot of “bigger” patents you may want to consider a larger framed c-arm. For example: The OEC 9800 Super C, which also provides a 55 degree lateral rotation.

2) Do I need a 9” or 12” Image Intensifier? If you are opening a pain management facility. (Epidural Injections, Nerve Blocks) Most likely you will need a 9” image intensifier. 12” II are great, tell offer about 70% more field of vision, however they are for more complex cases such as vascular work.

3) How many patients do you see a day? The used C-arm anode tube needs time to cool down between patients. The more patients you have, the less time the machine may have, or the more time your patients may have to wait. An example if a used c-am with a stationary anode would be an OEC 8800 C-arm. Used C-arms equipped with rotating anode tubes can be quite beneficial to the busy practice, as multiple anode tubes are cycled through automatically. This allows them time to cool off while the machine is still operable. An example of a c-arm with a rotated anode would be an OEC 9800 c-arm.

4) What about picture resolution? You are definitely doing to want a used c-arm with a nice picture. Just like anything in life, “we pay for what we get” If you found a company that has a used c-arm for sale for $15,000 chances are is going to be a lemon. Your best bet is to buy a c-arm that has been manufactured in the last 15 year.

5) Do I need DICOM send capabilities? If your c-arm you want purchase does not have DICOM send intergraded, you’ll need a separate device to store patients’ images from the C-arm for future reference and records. Older used c-arms don’t come with image storage and send capabilities so keep that in mind

6) How much coin do I have to spend? A great way to acquire high-quality used c-arm for a good price is by choosing refurbished C-arms. Purchasing a used and refurbished C-arm can save you 40-60% compared to a c-arm fresh off the assembly line. So make so you do all your homework and purchase a c-arm that fits your needs.

If you have any other questions concerning used c-arms please call us at 877-283-3154