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There’s no denying the popularity of shopping for bargains on the Internet on sites like eBay and Craigslist. And when opening up a new practice or when looking to expand, doctors, who are often working with tight budgets, might be tempted to shop for complex medical equipment, like used C-arms, on one of these websites. There are so many deals to be found, right?

Maybe not.

When it comes to complex medical equipment, we strongly urge you to reconsider making your purchases on these types of websites. There are simply too many risks involved.

Some of the risks of buying used C-arms from a random seller on the Internet include:

  • Purchasing Sight Unseen. Depending on the location of the seller, often these purchases are made based on posted photos of the used C-arm, for example. But, there’s no guarantee these photos actually represent the product you’re purchasing. There’s a lot of blind trust that needs to be placed in the seller with these types of transactions, and with a purchase as expensive as a used C-arm, the buyer is taking a pretty big risk.
  • Improperly Packaged for Shipment. Machines like C-arms and ultrasounds are quite delicate and should be shipped by someone trained in their proper packaging. If they’re improperly packaged, the chances of the machine being damaged during shipment are extremely high. And depending on who you bought it from, you may not be able to do anything about it.
  • Not Compliant. When Pacific Healthcare Imaging refurbishes their used C-arms, one of the things we do is wipe the hard drive clean of all prior patient information. Having a machine in your office that was not properly wiped would be in violation of HIPPA laws. Also, before an office can start using a newly purchased C-arm, a qualified engineer needs to fill out the FDA 2579 form to properly register the machine with the state and federal government. These are things you could hire someone to help you with, but when buying a refurbished, used C-arm from a trusted vendor like Pacific Healthcare Imaging, consumers can feel confident that everything has been taken care of for them and that their machine is 100% compliant.
  • No Warranty or Service Plan. It’s unlikely that used C-arms purchased off of eBay or Craigslist would come with a warranty. That means, if anything happens to your machine, you would be responsible for the repair.

When purchasing used C-arms, mini C-arms, portable x-raysultrasound machines and more from Pacific Healthcare Imaging, you can be confident in your purchase. All of our used medical equipment is refurbished by qualified engineers, ensured to be compliant with all laws, packaged and shipped by professionals, and covered by a purchase warranty. In addition, service plans can be purchased to make sure your used C-arms, or other used medical equipment, remains up and running and helping you to serve your patients.

To buy used C-arms or other used medical device from Pacific Healthcare Imaging, contact us here or give us a call at 877-283-3154 to discuss your used medical equipment needs.


Photo: “eBay Logo” by Brian Cantoni is licensed under CC BY 2.0