Used Siemens Siremobile Iso-C C-arm

We are frequently asked by our customers that are purchasing used C-arms, “What size of room do I need for my C-arm?” So, we decided to put together a brief explanation that should answer this common question.

The room where you intend to place your C-arm should be at least 11 x 13 feet. Keep in mind that this is a rather small room and will be a tight fit. You should strive to have enough room to maneuver the C-arm and also room for the patient. A larger square space would be a preferred working environment. The mobile C-arm’s lower portion must be low enough to fit underneath the C-arm table.

When planning other parts of the room, there should also be other considerations. C-arms operate on 110V, 12-15 Amps, so a standard outlet is all you need. It is also advised that you plug nothing else into the outlet except the C-arm — to alleviate potential power spikes. Then, the C-arm will also have a dedicated circuit.

Another element to consider when planning the room is the location of the lighting and whether or not it will be sufficient.

The C-arm can get rather hot during Fluoro and should have sufficient cooling for the space.

Fluoroscopy & Radiation

On average, fluoroscopy delivers a dose of approximately 5 rads per minute in the direct beam. The thickness of the patient also determines the exposure rate. Even small doses of radiation can damage DNA.

Federal regulations have set limits for the maximum output for C-arms, and there are a range of techniques to reduce the risk in private practice settings.

Lead Shielding

You may want to consider using Lead Shielding if any of the walls of the procedure room share a common wall where there may be pregnant women or children for long period of times.

Does your state require lead shielding for C-arm use? Regulations regarding the level of lead shielding vary from state to state. In some locations, portable shields and aprons are sufficient, in others, drywall of 5/8” are required. Leaded drywall in a operating room might be needed.

Prior to constructing the space where your C-arm will be operating, you should research radiation protection policies for your state and whether your C-arm unit will be moving or remain stationary. It is a good idea to have a professional evaluation of your site.

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Directory of C-arm Lead Shielding Requirements by State

Please see links to state regulations below.  Not all the states have lead shielding requirements and some states do not provide specific information about shielding on their website.