C-Arm Purchasing Tips

When shopping for  used C-arms for your facility, one question that might arise is: Do I need a 9-inch or 12-inch C-arm image intensifier?

This important question can significantly impact the cost of the C-arm unit you purchase, as well as the resale value. To narrow your options, the services of care your facility offers should be referenced.

For instance, if your facility primarily performs procedures in Pain Management, Sports Medicine, or General Surgery (depending on the anatomy of operation), then the C-Arm Image Intensifier (II) of importance to you would most likely be 9 inches. Why? With a 9″ II, your footprint is smaller, but it delivers a higher degree of magnification. This can be extremely beneficial when imaging smaller parts of the body. With the 9″ II, your investment is going to be less than with a 12″ II.

If your facility specializes in procedures that are Orthopedic, Vascular, or Neurovascular in nature, then a 12″ II would be much more suitable. Again, why you ask? The footprint of a 12″ II is larger, offering a wider field of view. For a vascular surgeon, this can have great advantages in demonstrating the runoff vessels. Another plus with using a C-arm Image Intensifier with a wider field of view is that patient examination time can be significantly reduced. With the 12″ II, your investment will be more expensive, however, the value of the 12″ II can prove to be much more beneficial when you decide to sell it to upgrade.

Whatever your healthcare facility procedures may be, the decision of which used C-arm Image Intensifier to opt for can still remain intimidating. If you still have doubts about which direction to take, or you have any questions at all about which system is best for you, please let us help. We can guide you in the right direction and help you make the best choice for the needs of your facility.

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