Medstone Elite C-Arm Mobile Imaging Table

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Pacific Healthcare Imaging Medstone Elite C-Arm Mobile Imaging Table

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Medstone c-arm tables can be configured with 5 different movements:

  • Elevation (low to high).
  • Lateral Tilt (left side or right side down).
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg (head down/head up).
  • Extend/Retract (longitudinal table top travel towards head or feet).
  • Side to Side (lateral table top travel right to left).

Designed for Multi-purpose use with C-Arms MEDSTONE ELITE tables are designed for heavy duty, high patient throughput and manufactured to the highest standards. The following are included on all the MEDSTONE ELITE elevating tables:

  • 58″ Unobstructed metal free imaging length.
  • Table top size: 22″ x 82″.
  • 2″ radiolucent table pad with facial cutout.
  • High resolution Carbon-Fiber table top rated at < 1.0 Al equivalency.
  • Rated at 500 lbs evenly distributed patent capacity.
  • Motorized elevating lift, rated at 500 lbs lift capacity.
  • 3 Patient Restraints.
  • Hand held controller for all table movements.
  • Heavy-duty steel base frame.
  • Four (4) hospital grade independently locking wheels

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